Recover Deleted Photos, Files, Videos on Android

10 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos, Files, Videos on Android

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It worked! Powerful Tricks How to Restore Deleted Files, Photos, and Videos on Android is very easy. Android phones are indeed one of the most widely used at this time, apart from being used to send SMS, telephone, internet, and so on. Android phones are also used for multi-media needs, for example, taking photos, videos, and storing your important files. But the problem is what if your important files get deleted accidentally? Of course, it will make you restless, right?

In this article, I will try to explain some solutions for how to restore deleted files on an Android phone. In the problem of devices and technology, when the files that we delete accidentally or intentionally do not just disappear, just like that. As in Windows OS, if you delete any file, of course, it will go to the Recycle Bin first. Not much different in the Android operating system, you can actually restore files that have been deleted.

How to Recover Deleted Photos

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Files Using Android Applications

1. Use DiskDigger Photo Recovery Application

The first solution to restore deleted files, especially photos, is to use the DiskDigger application. This application is one that is used to recover deleted data. You can recover lost photos from a memory card or internal. But when the photo is recovered it will not be 100% back, there must be a damaged photo depending on the length of time the photo has been deleted from your smartphone. How to use a disk digger to restore deleted photos is also very easy, you only need to carry out scanning through this application. You can even restore deleted files on Android without root. Download it on the Play store.

2. Use the GT Recovery Application

Use the GT Recovery Application

The second way to restore deleted files on Android is by using the GT Recovery application. But before you use it, make sure the phone is rooted because this application requires root access. The advantage of this application is that it can recover several types of files including photos, videos, images, and so on. In addition, this application can recover deleted SMS, wifi passwords, contacts on Android. So, when you experience this problem you can use it. Download it on the Play store.

3. Use the DigDeep Image Recovery Application

Use the DigDeep Image Recovery Application

DipDepp is an Android application to restore deleted data. This application is designed to restore deleted photos or images. This application has the advantage that it is easy to use and looks very simple. As for how to use the DigDeep application to restore deleted files as follows:

  • Download the application on the Play Store
  • If you have, please open the application
  • Then do a scan until all deleted folders and files have been scanned
  • Then please check the missing photos one by one
  • Check the photos that are considered important and give a check then tap the restore button to restore them.

4. Use Dr.Fone Application – Recover deleted data

There are so many applications that are designed to recover deleted files, one of which is Dr.Fone. Apart from Android OS, this application is also available for Windows. There are even more advanced features if your smartphone has been rooted. One of them is to restore deleted text messages. Download it on the Play store.

5. Use the Dumpster Photo & Video Restore application

One of the best applications to restore deleted photos of mine is Dumpster. Dumpster offers facilities for you in case of problems such as accidentally deleted photos and other documents. This application, more precisely, acts as a smartphone recycle bin. So, before your photo is permanently deleted, it will be accommodated first in this application. It can even restore videos and mp3s. Download it on the Play Store.

6. Use Undeleter Recover Files & Data Application

Use Undeleter Recover Files & Data Application

One way to recover your deleted data via Android is by using the Undeleter Recover Files & Data application. The application made by Fahrbot PRI is indeed quite beautiful and has an easy-to-use interface. If you are unsettled with using other applications, of course, this application can be the solution. However, when you want to use it, the device must be rooted, the reason is that otherwise this application cannot be used. Then the advantage of this application is that you can exclusively upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox for online backup. Download it on the Play store.

7.Use the Restore Image Application (Super Easy)

The next way you can try to restore deleted photos is to use the Restore Image (Super Easy) application. It has a simple UI and the way to use it is quite easy. You only need to select a folder, scan then select the photos that were successfully scanned to be returned again. Download it on the Play store.

8. Use 4EXT Recovery Control Application

4EXT Recovery Control is an application that is quite good for recovering deleted data, especially for those of you whose data or files were accidentally deleted. This app is not available on the Play store. Some of its features and capabilities include performing a restore, installing a flashable zip file to inserting logs.

9. Use FonePaw Android Data Recovery Software

How to restore deleted files in Android’s internal or external memory without root You can try it this way, namely by using the FonePaw Android Data Recovery application that has been installed on a PC or laptop. How to use FonePaw to restore deleted data on Android is quite easy. Make sure you have installed it first.

  • Open FonPaw on PC or Laptop
  • Connect the Android smartphone to the PC, don’t forget to activate USB Debugging.
  • Next, there will be lots of options, check the option of the file types you want to recover.
  • Then click Next.
  • After that, you will see the data that has been deleted.
  • Then you select the files that you want to reverse.
  • Finally, click Recover.

10. Use MobiKin Doctor for Android software

If your contacts are deleted to select them, namely by using the MobiKin Doctor for Android application, which is the same as the previous solution, this method must use a laptop or PC.

  • Download and install the software on the PC.
  • Connect the device to the PC using USB, don’t forget to activate the USB Debugging of your smartphone.
  • Open the application, then this application will automatically scan for devices connected to the PC.
  • After successfully finding and scanning, it displays your contact files and other deleted data.
  • Select the files you want to recover, then just click Recover.

Those are some solutions for how to restore deleted photos or files on Android without root and for those that have been rooted. Hopefully useful.